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Best Ratio NPK Fertilizers To Be Used As Plant Food

Posted by Admin on April, 08, 2020

The NPK Fertilizer Exporters, Saudi Arabia offer high quality and high nutrient absorption fertilizers in the right ratios.

What is NPK and what it means on a Fertilizer bag?

NPK implies Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. It has various uses, but as plant food, the label of NPK on a fertilizer bag is of a ratio 10-10-10. Be it a perennial or an annual plant, they need lush, colorful and vibrant flowers and scrumptious fruits for which ample and appropriate amount of nutrients have to be given.

The need for Nitrogen in Plant food

  • Enhances leaf generation and new development of vibrant leaves
  • It is a component of chlorophyll as well as proteins.

Deficiency of nitrogen is recognized by retarded growth and yellow colored leaves. However, an overdose of nitrogen can result in no fruits and flowers even though lush foliage is seen. Moreover, it raises the danger of infestation of insects.

The need for phosphorous in plant food

  • It is significant in the development of attractive and healthy plants.
  • It enhances the formation of flowers
  • It aids in root growth
  • It enhances the generation of fruits

Deficiency of phosphorous can be identified with leaves that are undergrown and bluish-green/with purple splotches. However, an overdose of phosphorous should be avoided as flowers or fruits are not set properly. An excessive amount of this nutrient can prevent the absorption of other nutrients which are required for plant growth.

The need for potassium in plant food

  • Plays a subtle role in plant development
  • Helps in protein building
  • Helps in forming starch which makes the plant strong.

An overdose of potassium can result in disease. Too much of this nutrient blocks absorption of other nutrients leading to weakening of the plant. Deficiency of potassium can be indicated by scorched leaves and leaf tips.

Other than these, a good quality fertilizer also provides micronutrients such as boron, zinc, iron and manganese as well as secondary nutrients such as magnesium, sulfur and calcium. These aid in generating chlorophyll components and aid in photosynthesis. Their deficiency leads to poor development of the plant and leaf discoloration.

NPK Fertilizer Exporters offer store range bags as plant food.

They offer 4 types of NPK fertilizers:

NPK Soluble Fertilizer- This suits all crop varieties and is safe to use. It is 100 percent water soluble, thereby improving the irrigation water quality. It is eco-friendly satisfies the demand of the plant. It is hard as well as soft water efficient, it lowers the water issues and leads to healthy plants. It is convenient for cultivation.

NPK Liquid Fertilizer- Can be employed in various growth phases of the plant. They enhance the sprouting of seeds, the growth of fruit and flowers, used for drip irrigation, provides fertilization equally, benefits right away and gives strong roots.

NPK Suspension Fertilizer- Strikes the biological chain, quality coverings and right soil penetration.

NPK Granular Fertilizer- Fine granular form for good in-soil distribution and sound absorption.

The exporters analyze the product to perfection and their team of skilled professionals takes care of each aspect in the process. The products are nominal in price and in appropriate packaging. The delivery is prompt and payment options are simple.

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