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The Wide Availability Of Phosphoric Acid In Saudi Arabia

Posted by Admin on March, 30, 2020

Phosphoric acid has a chemical formula H3PO4, and it is a weak acid. It is also known as orthophosphoric acid which is non-toxic in nature. In its pure form, it remains in a solid state at normal room pressure and temperature. Phosphates (PO43-) are a vital element of life and are an indirect conjugate base phosphoric acid.

The most effective source of this weak acid is a solution which is 85% aqueous and non-volatile, odorless, and colorless in nature. This particular solution is syrupy in nature and pourable. Since it is a weak acid and does not meet the characteristics of a strong acid, the 85% solution has acidic properties to be corrosive enough.

Manufacturing of phosphoric acid:

There are two general methods for producing phosphoric acid.

The first is a wet process. In this method, any mineral containing phosphate like calcium hydroxyapatite is required to get preserved with sulphuric acid to make phosphoric acid.

Food-grade of this weak acid is prepared using phosphate ore. To reduce it with coke an electric arc furnace is required, and finally, elemental phosphorus is made. Then silica is added to it, and slag of calcium silicate is produced. Highly pure phosphorus pentoxide is prepared when being purified elemental phosphorus comes out of the furnace and gets burnt with air. After getting dissolved into water, phosphorus pentoxide turns into phosphoric acid.

When phosphoric acid is generated from both the methods, a bit of toxic impurities and arsenic remains present in it, hence purification is recommended. In Saudi Arabia and other countries, phosphoric acid is prepared following the same procedures.

Uses of phosphoric acid:

Phosphoric acid has a dominant use as fertilizers. It is also hugely used in the industries of

• Soaps and detergents

• Food and beverage

• Water treatment

• Toothpaste

Apart from these, food-grade version of it has a havoc use in acidifying food and beverages like jams and colas. Hence, it has a sour or tangy taste.

Applications of phosphoric acid:

• Conversion coating of phosphate is used in the anti-rust treatment

• Acts as an outside standard for the nuclear magnetic resonance of phosphorus-31

• In the fuel cells of phosphoric acid

• In the production of activated carbon

• In the processing of compound semiconductor

• To engrave silicon nitride during microfabrication

• In the preparation of skin care products and cosmetics, it works as a pH adjuster

• In the industries of brewing, food, and dairy, it works as a disinfecting agent

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