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NPK Suspension Fertilizer

NPK Suspension Fertilizer, which we deal in, is prepared by our team of adroit professionals under the strict observation of the experts. We are a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of NPK Suspension Fertilizer from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our Suspension Fertilizer allows the application of each needed nutrient, whether in small quantity or large. It covers each square meter of the farm, fast and evenly.

More Information :
  • Suspensions are used to add varied ratios of essential nutrients to ignite the biological chain.
  • The secret of the suspensions is that they allow the application of essential nutrients with specific ratios, and quality coverage
  • The ultra fine particle size of the nutrients in suspension penetrates into the soil profile.

Our Range is Available in Following Grades :
  • NPK 0:52:34 + TE
  • NPK 13:0:45+ TE
  • NPK 25:25:18+TE
  • NPK 10:10:40+TE
  • NPK 10:10:50+TE
  • NPK 12:52:10+TE
  • NPK 15:15:30+TE
  • NPK 10:10:30+TE
  • NPK 22:22:22+TE
  • NPK 10:10:60+TE

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